His music is knockout edgy and clean, lacking the profanities that mar Hip-Hop today. So, if Hip-Hop be
the food to your soul…let MAZ play awhile.

MAZ is multi-skilled, urban branded and musically charged: all the elements of superstardom
compressed in a delivery of sonic bytes that would have any head bopping to the beat of his soul_ Hip-

An accomplished producer, sound engineer and artist, MAZ has “been there and done that”.
Engineering his way to claim a piece of the showbiz corona, he has made epic detours of music
exploration across all sorts of genres, lending his Midas touch to internationally acclaimed, award-
winning, legends-in-the-making artists such as DON LAKA, MAFIKIZOLO, BONGO MAFFIN and MANDLA
SPIKIRI to name a few. These detours, instead of straying him off course, have brought him right back
on a superlative level of where it all began: his love affair with Hip-Hop.

MAZ says: “Hip-Hop is a culture that adapts itself to all that is relevant. It is practical and emotional
without trying too hard.”


At a tender age of 16, MAZ blazes the capital stages of Mbabane, Swaziland as a Hip-Hop head with
accomplices in a group: PHAT BEATZ, which later forms an alliance with KNACK TRIO CONNECTION to
re-emerge as the formidable: KNACK BEATZ. The now fortified powerhouse releases a self-produced
single: “I’M STILL KNACK BEAT” which becomes a super hit in the region. MAZ is in the zone and he
knows it. So does the horde of fans that follow his every move.

Knocking at doors to get a record deal as a group is a dead end. MAZ reveals: “The group decides that I
go at it alone, because I have a good chance of making it…then once the road is paved they too would

The jury has spoken. MAZ goes solo.

A couple of years later, carrying a suitcase full of dreams and the courage to fulfil them, he crosses the
border to Mzansi and rubs his knuckles to start knocking at doors again. This time with not much effort,
he slams open the door to record exec, Don Laka’s Slam Records, a division of Bokone Music. The
renowned musical maestro gives him a shot. MAZ proves himself worthy of the opportunity and
releases his debut: MY DREAM (2006).

The album is truly a dream realised.

Meanwhile MAZ  hasn’t forgotten where he comes from and keeps his home close to his heart by
rendering his offerings in a language of his people isiSwati_ breaking ground not only as the first Swati
to release a Hip-Hop album but also the first to carry the Swati lingo flag in to the competitive, soul-
wrenching game of Hip-Hop.

MAZ states: “It’s important for me to keep switching between English and isiSwati because I want my
music to reflect me. I’ve experienced PTS, Selection Park High, Low Mbabane (Swaziland) and Midrand
(SA). All these places are a part of who I am…I want to represent myself unapologetically…for those
who do not hear isiSwati or any other language in my albums, if they listen closely they will get it,
because music is universal”.

During this period MAZ collaborates with the likes of STEVE KEKANE, PALESA, HERMAN FOX AND
STOMZA, all gifted artists, each with a unique take on music, marking his artistry as a kaleidoscope of
musical sounds_ a diversified portfolio that he cashes in on when he creates his masterpieces.


The release of the second album: BACK FOR DA 1ST TIME.

The record is yet another branding milestone for the talented artist. It’s a collection of 14 tracks, each
complete in its own style of delivery and the experience it offers the listener.

MAZ is easy in his lyrical execution, showcasing his prowess as an emcee, while the beats amplify his
genius as a studio expert. The album has head-bopping, arm-waving, feet-tapping mixes that keep you
relaxed and standing on your toes at the same time. The content is as varied as the complexities that
make up the man behind the music. It ranges from social commentary, to party, to matters of the heart,
to self affirmation…to all that is Hip-Hop.

The album features Ammara, Emma, Faith and Herman Fox who bring different flavours to the music,
keeping it phresh.

The dubbed Hip-Hop ambassador of Swaziland continues to make waves in South Africa and at home.
He is currently promoting his latest release coined “Take Over” released Sept 31-1st Oct 09.

He says: The previous albums were paving way for the up and coming producers whereas, this joint is
more selective of who got to provide beats or feature in it. You had to be extraordinary to make it into
the album, because in this album I’m kind to say: check my swagger” Thus it features Mzwakhe Mbuli,
TeePee, Ms. END, Ja Seed, Big Dreamz listing a few.

MAZ has proven that he has creative skills and business acumen to sustain in the testing game of
music. He is definitely the one to look out for.


 Take Ova!
MAZ (Itsurboy)
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